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There is one request for a relatively low volume but important support. which is part 1. Plus, there is a second request if you like to help more detailed later. The translation of part 2 is more challenging. However, the length of both version seem to be sort of equal which is "sort of" true. The difference between both is, that in the "short + simple part 1" you will find short and simple sentences created easy for purpose to get out at least a poor software translation. The challenging part 2 however is created in almost perfect English sentences, which a software could never ever translate. That is why this part 2 is a lot more challenging and needs more time and love than the easy and simple part 1.


I would love, if you join our INTERNATIONAL JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH DREAM TEAM to spread the knowledge about this unique composer and his musical work.


If you would like to help please click here for more information.


As Important As Can Be

Yes, I experienced it two times before. A person wrote me a nice as can be mail to ask about participating in the translation help. It was a mail content with compliments I didn't get so far, as visitors on my webasite are still rare, which is common for a project in it's early stage.


I wrote back one hour later to announce my long e-mail which I actually sent some seven hours later. But I never got an answer. Not next day. Not after three days. Not after a week. I assumed something in my longer mail had bothered this lady. I was sad. Actually more than sad, as I didn't know what I had done wrong.


But she was so smart to send me her offer a second time and that is what made it clear to me: she didn't receive any of my mails. So I tried harder with all possible options, as I was now aware my mails might not reach her, plus, without letting me know such like the hint "...return to sender " or "...could not be delivered".


Then finally my mail to her went through via a different channel. So, please:


I will write back to you within 12 hours. Promise. If you don't get that confirmation, I didn't get your mail. I don't leave mails unanswered. Not a single. No exception. Promise.

As I would hate to let you think I am arrogant, plus, for the reason I badly need this help with translation, please try again after twelve hours. If you haven't heard from me within the next twelve hours, two situations might have happened. Either my mail back to you got lost "in time and space". Or, your mail to me was never electronically delivered.


Please then: use two more options: check on the time delay from where your home is located (...for instance Bejing, China is six hours ahead, New York, USA is six hours later) and give me a call. My home is a single family home, just Renate an I live there and we are experienced with both English and German (...of course German).


Or write me an old-fashioned letter on paper. Even if the transport needs six weeks: time is not an issue in this project, not at all. But don't start translating, as the whole process is in a steady change. And, as mentioned, I value your time very much and you need some background to start. To make it easy for you, here are telephone number and my paper mail address too:


My Telephone Number in Germany:


++ 49 - 71 31 - 57 67 61


My "paper mail address" (... keep lines and distances like this):



Peter Bach jr.

Bildstrasse 25


74223 Flein / Germany   


Please replace the word "Germany" by the equivalent word for it in your mother language if your write from your homeland.


Thank you much.