Johann Sebastian Bach and

His Work Need Your Help


One of hundreds of pictures taken for the Johann Sebastian Bach Project: the Bach House in Eisenach, Thuringia.

Quick Help or Extended Help? Part 1 is Accomplished in Estimated Two Hours

On this Johann Sebastian Bach Website there are thirty-five languages with information about Johann Sebastian Bach. I first put it in the easiest form of grammer, then translated them with computer software. So, they are far from proper grammer and spelling. I would appreciate much, if I could get some help with that.


Part 1 is a short and simple text. Part 2 needs more extended and more ambitious help. Please read more that about later.


Please do not start to translate without contacting me before. When ready translated by you, both parts will remain on this website forever. So do your picture(s). In the quick and simple part 1 your photo will be at the end of the page, in the extended part 2 it's on top.


 If you would like to help I would be happy. Please contact me. Please click here.


About Us - Peter and Renate Bach

Since we started to be interested in genealogy some three years ago and found out that our roots point right into the center of “Bach Country” in Thuringia, Germany, our interest in the cultural heritage of Johann Sebastian Bach began.


Meanwhile we collected tons of expertise and countless age old documents of the past. And together with an INTERNATIONAL JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH DREAM TEAM we are on our way to share the knowledge about one of the greatest composers on earth ever with the world.


Johann Sebastian Bach is our passion. It wasn't easy to decide what kind of painting I wanted, to find an artist who would do it for almost no payment and to get the full copyright.



But, finally I succeeded.



Peter Bach jr. taking pictures in Paris, France. A street artist is painting a cartoon of Johann Sebastian Bach for me.

JSB Needs Your Help, We Need Your Help

We need some help sharing Bach’s story, music and history with the whole world. Beyond the English and German speaking nations. As it is a lot more convenient, to enjoy reading in one’s mother language we would love to flatten a first contact to the universe of Bach. That is by offering basics in many languages. So we shortened the content dramatically to the essentials. And we are presenting these important facts. But as this project is different to everything existing about Johann Sebastian Bach in the past, it is mainly about exciting folks. It is not about all details. It is about fun.


Renate Bach, my wife (...on the left side) and Johann Sebastian Bach in Eisenach, Thuringia.


The "Peter Bach jr. Request"

We are already a dream team of international artists, scientists, authors and music lovers who try to "transport Bach" in this cross media internet project in a way that is completely unusual. Bach authors, Bach Family Members and Bach Fans help to create something that will still be growing in the oncoming months and years. Now I hope I manage to upgrade our team by an international group of native individuals. And we try to make the whole phenomenon around this exceptional musician and his family fun and joy to experience it world wide.


Bach Author Helga Brueck with Renate Bach at Erfurt, a Bach City in Thuringia, Germany.


Not Just a Short Biography on Bach

Challenge is not to provide just a "dry" short biography. Or just to offer the list of all of Bach's works, which actually is almost impossible in a translation. We want to make our whole common knowledge, which jumps from one theme to the next, an adventure. And we try to make this the perfect foundation to excite an interested individual to the "next Bach Level". Which then of course might be a serious biography. Or Johann Sebastian’s wonderful music performed by a real orchestra. Or, the family of musician's genealogy. Or, the whole "universe" around the world’s greatest composer, what the New York Times voted Bach in 2011.


Photographer Peter Bach jr. is taking a picture of the monument of very young Johann Sebastian Bach at Muehlhausen in Thuringia, Germany.



The current international sections with “poor grammer by translation help software” will be replaced as soon as I managed to excite you as a new JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH DREAM TEAM MEMBER to participate in our common project. Plus, as soon as your translation is ready. There are actually no limits when it comes to the numbers of languages. Thirty-five language versions is not the limit. The truth is: the more languages the better. No language is excluded. And there is no ranking in the importance of a language in the international section of our hopefully common Johann Sebastian Bach project.


Translation Request Basics

Please, don’t just start translating. I want to talk to you before, actually I want to have a personal correspondence by mail. Five requirements are essential. As a professional in presenting stuff to an international public our passion regarding Bach is a low budget side product. Translations in the advertisement industry are considered amateurish if done by someone who studied the language, to which the text should be transferred. It’s just the rule, we didn’t make the rule, but we agree.


So first to help with translation, you must be a native and the language in which you transfer must be your mother language.


Secondly the style of this page: it comes with a photo portrait of you - it’s just the way I want to present it. Not just a snapshot but sort of a professional picture of a photographer or a really ambitioned amateur. It should be a likeable one and technically speaking in high resolution. Let’s just decide together on the current you have. Have a look at the sample page - that shows how we want to add your photo on a background of your country which we provide. And we would like to add your country flag, which we provide as a button as well. Of course we need the permission to publish it. Don't forget to scroll down to the end of part 1.


Plus, as I mentioned, please understand, if we had the money to pay for translations the internet would provide us with tons of support. So your translation help in our common project would be with no payment. After all it goes without saying, that help doesn’t work without any kind of thank and appreciation. So it would be an honor for us to send you a free download of our projected biography for children. We are told that it's very entertaining for adults too. However, sortry, the English version will not be accomplished earlier than summer 2015.


Next request: I would need the translation in WORD format so I can easily copy and paste it. That probably goes without saying with the languages of “my hemisphere”, so to speak. But it is essential for the languages like Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew or Cyrillic.


Fifth basic is to understand that my writing is a version of personal style. There might be incorrect sentences grammar wise compared to what you learned at school - but that’s the style of the whole project. It’s about needing a translation, not a new interpretation. I would be pleased if you write me at ( here to get to both the mail address and a form) and send me a photo. Please don’t just start translating, until we have talked or personally emailed. So there is no translation in vain or from two individuals in the same time frame. Now - I am looking forward to hear from you.


Author Peter Bach jr. takes a photo of the Johann Michael Bach Memorial in Gehren, Thuringia, Germany. Johann Michael Bach was father-in-law of Johann Sebastian Bach.



Remains: saying thank you for reading my request and may be forwarding it to a friend or - even better - helping with a translation in your mother language. Thank you.


Peter and Renate Bach

ps ... In the Mood For a Next Adventure?

After we met and after we know each other better, there might be another adventure waiting behind the horizon for you, my wife and me. Here on this website more than four lines are too much of a good thing. But if an illustration inspires you, you might love to click here.


If your translation of part 1  and part 2 of this website's international section was real fun and you loved it, just click here to check on a possible next common adventure.


As Important As Can Be

Yes, I experienced it two times before. A person wrote me a nice as can be mail to ask about particpating in the translation help. It was a mail content with compliments I didn't get so far, as visitors on my webiste are still rare, which is common for a project in it's early stage.


I wrote back one hour later to announce my long e-mail which I actualy sent some seven hours later. But I never got an answer. Not next day. Not after three days not after a week. I assumed something in my longer mail had bothered this lady. I was sad. Actually more than sad, as I didn't know what I had done wrong.


But she was so smart to send me her offer a second time and that is what made it clear to me: she didn't receive any of my mails. So I tried harder with all possible options, as I was now aware my mails might not reach her, plus, without letting me know such like the hint "...return to sender " or "...could not be delivered".


Then finally my mail to her went through via a different channel. So, please:

I will write back to you within 12 hours. Promise. If you don't get that confirmation, I didn't get your mail. I don't leave mails unanswered. Not a single. No exception. Promise.

As I would hate to let you think I am arrogant, plus, for the reason I badly need this help with translation, please try again after 12 hours. If you haven't heard from me within the next 12 hours, two situations might have happened. Either my mail back to you got lost "in time and space". Or, your mail to me was never electronically delivered.


Please then: use two more options: check on the time delay from where your home is located (...for instance Bejing, China is 6 hours ahead, New York, USA is 6 hours later) and give me a call. My home is a single family home, just Renate an I live there and we are experienced with both English and German (...of course German).


Or write me a paper letter. Even if the transport needed six weeks: time is not an issue in this project, not at all. But don't start translating, as the whole process is in a steady change. And, as mentioned, I value your time very much and you need some background to start. To make it easy for you, here are telephone number and my paper mail address too:


My Telephone Number in Germany:


++ 49 - 71 31 - 57 67 61


My "paper mail address" (...keep lines and distances like this):



Peter Bach jr.

Bildstrasse 25


74223 Flein / Germany   


Please replace the word "Germany" by the equivalent word for it in your mother language if your write from your homeland.


Thank you much.