Andiolebin ... Are You Researching in the Matter of Bach and Are You Looking for a German Place Called Andiolebin? For Generations?


Andiolebin, you researched for Andiolebin, didn't you? Ha, so I got you. And that is what I wanted. My name is Peter Bach jr. and I am one of the speakers of the Bach family of musicians. You are an  American, at least no German and you are not familiar with German names? At least not as much as I am as a German. I can help.

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Andiolebin ... So, You Are Researching With



Here comes a strange hint and paragraph. As you might know, I am operating two similar websites. They are Bach über Bach, which is German. That is where you are currently reading. yes, on the German website.


Plus there is Bach on Bach, which is the English counterpart. This subject doesn't address German readers and hobby and Bach genealogists at all, as they do know, that there is a community called Andisleben and not andiolebin. It's a matter of native tongue. So there is no German reseracher looking for Andiolebin. But there are English-speaking interested folks out there.


Google, yes the search engine Google doesn't like duplicate text with their research. That is why I do not just duplicate the English text and paste it here. Instead of that, you get my link to the English counterpart with the unique text reagrding this topic below the Beethoven calendar in the picture filed above. Have fun reading and I am looking forward to hear from you.


Bach + Genealogy + Andiolebin ... we are definitely the only two persons, who can help with that and your research on the internet.



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