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Is There a J.S. Bach International Airport? - Gibt es einen J.S. Bach Flughafen?


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Hello Constructor of the J.S. Bach International Airport, located in Orlando, Florida, USA. For my German visitors: Here is the website regarding this J.S. Bach International Airport, also die Homepage des J.S. Bach Internationalen Flughafens.



Message # 2


Hello again,


I tried to send the following note to you. But your Visitor Log didn't let the message go through. If you don't get an answer within 24 hours after you send your mail, please send your message to renate [at], too. My independent address is peter [at], if you don't have success with the form here.



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my name is Peter, and I am a speaker of the Bach Family of Musicians. I operate the world’s largest international and German website regarding Bach and his family.


Searching for a flash mob video with a Bach performance, which I found earlier but don't remember, which address, I filled in the keywords "Bach" and "Airport" with Google, as I remembered that it happened at an airport. I couldn’t find the one that I was looking for, but I found your website:


Wow! Congratulations! Good job!


Could you tell me your name, address, and when, which year, did you succeed in the third approach? How old are you today and are you still working on your website?


I would love to hear from you, by the way, Florida is our favorite destination for vacation, actually it is home.


Best regards

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